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  • Choose a method that will result in a fair distribution of grades across your class. Students should earn their grade rather being granted an easy 100%.
  • Do what you think will work best for you. Many TAs incorporate multiple methods together in a given semester.
  • Make your expectations clear to students at the beginning of the semester regarding how they can successfully earn TA points. TAs should review this with students during their first or second lab session using hand outs, syllabi, emails, or PowerPoint slides.
  • Keep a running tally of how students are performing on their TA points (for yourself and for the students – they should be kept aware how they are doing periodically). This can be done in the TA points grade column on Carmen. Also use the comment function within each grade item to leave notes for students describing when and how their TA points were distributed.






Participation (new tricks to teach your old dog)

Written & Developed by Andrew Kunys


Participation and Cleanliness

Developed by Ross Schwartz



Punctual & Participate

Written & developed by: Nick Gastaldo




Written & developed by: Scott Harrison


Recitation Pop Quizzes

Written & developed by: Aaron Wenzel


Surprise Lab Quizzes (everyone’s favorite)

Written & developed by: Andrew Kunys


Tardiness Quizzes

Written & developed by: TJ Gordon


Other Methods


CinSci (“Cinci”) Method – Cinema on Scientific Methods

Written & developed by: Kurt Justus


Lecture Note Cards

Written & developed by: Adam Andrews and Erica Szeyller


Minute Papers

Written & developed by Andrew Kunys




Developed by: David Sovic



Points for Questions

Written & developed by Andrew Kunys


Student Presentations (or getting your students to do your job for you)

Written & developed by Andrew Kunys


Test Review Activities

Written & developed by Andrew Kunys