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View Resource Biodiversity Conservation and Decision Making

The purpose of the activity is to make students consider several factors (discussed in lecture and lab during the semester) when it comes to biodiversity, ecology, and conservation. Goals: Our main objective is to challenge students to come up with an argument about allocating funding to a potential national park/reserve using information they had just been provided, and applying what they...
View Resource Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands in the Mississippi Delta

This video describes research being conducted by Dr. Karen McKee, USGS Research Ecologist, and her university partner, Dr. Julia Cherry. Their goal is to better understand the effects of sea-level rise and other global change factors on coastal wetlands in the Mississippi River Delta. This region contains over 40% of the U.S. wetlands in the lower 48 states These wetlands support commercial...
View Resource Flooding Farms on Purpose -- For the Birds: BP Oil Spill

September 23, 2010 -- The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico sent oil into wetlands frequented by migrating birds. In response, U.S. farmers are flooding fields as far north as Missouri to create alternative, untainted stopovers for birds heading south for the winter.
View Resource Giant Vacuum to Help Bugs in Oiled Marshes?

September 17, 2010---Using huge hoses, researchers are vacuuming up marsh bugs along the oiled Gulf coast. By comparing their samples to bugs collected before the spill, teams hope to determine the effects of oil on creatures near the bottom of the food web.
View Resource Gulf Spill Still Threatens Millions of Migrating Birds

August 10, 2010 -- Up to a billion migrating birds stop over in the Gulf of Mexico region on their annual treks southward. Despite BP's capping of the Deepwater Horizon leak, scientists say the birds may face ill effects from the Gulf oil spill for years to come.
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