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View Resource "Activities for Understanding Gene Regulation"

This resource is a collection of lesson plans for activities that promote student engagement with the concept of gene regulation, particularly in prokaryotes. A total of 4 active learning activities are described in detail, including "Lactose Operon Role Play," "Cell Growth in the Presence of Two Sugar Sources," "Design a Repressor System," and Alterations of Operon Function through Mutation."...
View Resource A Revolution In Progress: Human Genetics and Medical Research

This online exhibit under Office of NIH History asks three major questions: (1) How do genes cause disease? (2) Can gene therapy work? (3) How do we manipulate genes and should we? It introduces topics such as genetic basics, diagnosing and treating genetic diseases, gene therapy, the human genome project, and Ethics issues. Abundant images and glossary links used in this exhibit might be...
View Resource Angiogenesis: Cancer

This animation illustrates how a cancer tumor forms in a bed of healthy cells. The animation goes on to show how the tumor recruits blood vessels and how metastasis occurs. A tumor consists of cells that are dividing at an abnormally high rate, crowding surrounding healthy cells and competing for resources. Tumor growth typically proceeds in 3 dimensions, pushing out from the surrounding...
View Resource Bioinformatics: Whippo (whale evolution) Problem Space

Descriptions from the website: This problem space provides a collection of resources for going beyond the discussions of whale evolution presented in biology textbooks to look at how different types of data can be used to resolve this set of phylogenetic puzzles and to explore other related questions. In addition to providing some background on this topic the problem space has: ...
View Resource Biology 401 Recitation: Life in Balance

This link contains four articles for Biology 401 recitation regarding Life in Balance. The first article is on cellular differentiation, the second article is on malaria, the third on the spread of malaria and the fourth article deals with population regulation. All articles are provided in pdf format. There is also an editable handout available, along with a pdf version and a copy of TA notes in...
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