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View Resource Malaria Case Study

Click the link and you will get a PowerPoint file. This powerpoint can be quite helpful for instructors who want to link malaria to bioinformatics. Students might find it helpful too because of the step-by-step illustration of bioinformatics tools. Starting with a Malaria case study, the powerpoint introduces (1) Etiology and Epidemiology of Malaria, (2) Online Resources on Malaria, (3)...
View Resource Specific Genetic Disorders

This website maintained by the National Human Genome Research Institute - National Institutes of Health gives reliable information regarding genetic and rare diseases. Over 40 genetic disorders are described, including Down's syndrome, retinitis pigmentosa, and sickle-cell disease. The description of each disorder includes details such as what it is, what its symptoms are, and how it is diagnosed.
View Resource The Bookshelf from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

The Bookshelf is a growing collection of biomedical books that can be searched directly by typing a concept into the textbox above and selecting "Go". (Description from the website) To learn how to use the bookshelf, please visit the website: This collection of books is expanding, and can be helpful for both...