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View Resource Animal Diversity Web

This website provides access to "an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan." (Overview at
View Resource Military Bases as Wildlife Havens

This video illustrates that how in recent years, U.S. military lands have become safe areas for endangered species.
View Resource Planet us: Born again green

This movie shows how a carpet manufacturer is taking steps to reduce is environmental footprint. It gives examples of how they are reducing their consumption and reusing materials.
View Resource Planet us: Coral man

This movie shows how a man is working to increase the coral populations in the Florida Keys.
View Resource Relevance of Evolution: Conservation

The web pages here show how our knowledge of evolution can be applied to conservation. Why having small populations is not enough for endangered species? Why is it risky to introduce hatchery-raised individuals into wild populations? How evolution theory can be used to get the most bang from your conservation buck? Concepts include the disadvantages of inbreeding depression and low genetic...
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