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View Resource A Patient, a Pioneer: Cancer

In this video, after surgeries and chemotherapies failed, the last hope for Sam Spero, a cancer patient, is an experimental drug with high promise. The first in a series.
View Resource A Viral Wonderland in the Human Gut

Each person's gut carries a different collection of bacteria-infecting viruses that may benefit their hosts, researchers report. The viruses contain DNA fragments whose functions include cell repair and food processing.
View Resource Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer

Three lecture type videos introduce cancer. The first lecture presents characteristics of cancer cells, and the influence of cell adhesion on control of cell growth. The second lecture introduces the focal adhesion protein, zyxin and Ewing sarcoma (tumor of bone). The third one presents cellular response to mechanical stresses and introduces the role of zyxin and VASP under mechanical stress.
View Resource Angiogenesis: Cancer

This animation illustrates how a cancer tumor forms in a bed of healthy cells. The animation goes on to show how the tumor recruits blood vessels and how metastasis occurs. A tumor consists of cells that are dividing at an abnormally high rate, crowding surrounding healthy cells and competing for resources. Tumor growth typically proceeds in 3 dimensions, pushing out from the surrounding...
View Resource Apoptosis and Signal Transduction

This animation explores Fas signal transduction pathway that induces apoptosis. The animation was published in the journal Science (Molecular Animation of Cell Death Mediated by the Fas Pathway, Sci. STKE 2007 (380).
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