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View Resource Biology 401 Recitation: Life in Balance

This link contains four articles for Biology 401 recitation regarding Life in Balance. The first article is on cellular differentiation, the second article is on malaria, the third on the spread of malaria and the fourth article deals with population regulation. All articles are provided in pdf format. There is also an editable handout available, along with a pdf version and a copy of TA notes in...
View Resource Cell Cycle Regulation and Cancer

In this activity, students will use an HHMI Biointeractive module to review the eukaryotic cell cycle, key players that regulate the cycle, and applications to cancer. The first part of the activity focuses on going through the module and drawing out the key cell cycle regulators on to a figure of the cell cycle. The second part of the recitation has the students interpret a graph depicting the...
View Resource Control of the Cell Cycle Game

In this game you are to take on the job as a Cell Division Supervisor. Are you familiar with the different phases in the cell cycle? If not, maybe you should pay extra attention to the image of the cell cycle in the introduction. (Description from thew website) This is an interesting game designed to help students learn the cell cycle regulation. You will play as a "cell division supervisor"...
View Resource Interactive Fly

This site is award-winning and comprehensive. It thoroughly discusses genes, tissues, biochemical paths, and developmental processes in the fruit fly, Drosophila. Its gene index identifies genes with their functions, maternal and zygotically transcribed genes, genes important to behavior and genes in conserved pathways. Its tissue and organ development section shows stages and an atlas, as well...
View Resource New Tricks for Old Genes Teachable Tidbit (Regulation of Gene Expression)

In this activity, students learn about gene expression and how different genes are active and inactive in different tissues of the body. They will also explore how microarrays work, and will explore the relationships that exist between gene expression and cancer as well as epigenetics. As part of this tidbit, students will work in groups to complete a worksheet as the activity progresses, watch...
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