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Interaction with the environment

View Resource A Fight for a Mountaintop

This video illustrates that as mountaintop removal mining has become increasingly controversial across Appalachia, the debate over the fate of Coal River Mountain has become something of a symbolic line in the sand.
View Resource African Dust, Coral Reefs and Human Health

This documentary presents how recent changes in the composition and quantities of African dust transported to the Caribbean and the Americas might provide clues to why Caribbean coral reef ecosystems are deteriorating and human health may be impacted.
View Resource China's Yellow River, Part 1

In this video, The Times's Jim Yardley tours the Yellow River, witnessing China's rampant pollution, booming urbanization and uncertain future.
View Resource Climate Report Predicts Rising Seas

In this video Science reporter Andy Revkin examines the long-term social consequences of rising temperatures and seas around the globe.
View Resource Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems

Development can have negative effects on streams in urban and suburban areas. As a watershed becomes covered with pavement, sidewalks, and other types of urban land cover, stream organisms are confronted with an increased volume of storm water runoff, increased exposure to fertilizers and pesticides, and dramatic changes in physical living spaces within the stream itself. In this episode, USGS...
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