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View Resource A Patient, a Pioneer: Cancer

In this video, after surgeries and chemotherapies failed, the last hope for Sam Spero, a cancer patient, is an experimental drug with high promise. The first in a series.
View Resource Bioinformatics: Whippo (whale evolution) Problem Space

Descriptions from the website: This problem space provides a collection of resources for going beyond the discussions of whale evolution presented in biology textbooks to look at how different types of data can be used to resolve this set of phylogenetic puzzles and to explore other related questions. In addition to providing some background on this topic the problem space has: ...
View Resource Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands in the Mississippi Delta

This video describes research being conducted by Dr. Karen McKee, USGS Research Ecologist, and her university partner, Dr. Julia Cherry. Their goal is to better understand the effects of sea-level rise and other global change factors on coastal wetlands in the Mississippi River Delta. This region contains over 40% of the U.S. wetlands in the lower 48 states These wetlands support commercial...
View Resource Evolution: What Killed the Dinosaurs

This short activity gives students a sense of the range of evidence so they can consider which types of evidence are the most compelling. It helps tie together evolution and the nature of science.
View Resource Fear Grips a Family: Alzheimer's Disease

This video takes a look at the world's largest family suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and the hope that they may help scientists find answers for everyone else. At frighteningly young ages, in their 40s, four of Laura Cuartas's children began forgetting and falling apart, assaulted by what people here have long called La Bobera, the foolishness.
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