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View Resource America's Disappearing Forests

This video illustrates how the mountain pine beetle, an insect pest, is destroying massive swaths of American lodgepole pine.
View Resource Animal Diversity Web

This website provides access to "an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan." (Overview at
View Resource Bioinformatics: Whippo (whale evolution) Problem Space

Descriptions from the website: This problem space provides a collection of resources for going beyond the discussions of whale evolution presented in biology textbooks to look at how different types of data can be used to resolve this set of phylogenetic puzzles and to explore other related questions. In addition to providing some background on this topic the problem space has: ...
View Resource Brainwashed by a Parasite

This blog describes a parasitic relationship between fungi and various insects, specifically the ant. It also contains YouTube videos and blog responses to the subject at hand.
View Resource Connecting Concepts: Natural Selection Topic 1 - Defining Natural Selection

This unit aims to clarify the general misconceptions of natural selection: 1. "survival of the fittest" means only the strongest and fastest survive 2. natural selection is at random 3. an organism can evolve over its lifetime. In this interactive activity, students are asked to make decisions under the guidance from Charles Darwin. Lastly, students are asked to define natural selection by...
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