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View Resource A Viral Wonderland in the Human Gut

Each person's gut carries a different collection of bacteria-infecting viruses that may benefit their hosts, researchers report. The viruses contain DNA fragments whose functions include cell repair and food processing.
View Resource HIV Replication 3D Animation

This 3D animation shows how HIV infects cells, and how HIVs replicate themselves using infected cells' materials. At the end of the video, possible ways to inhibit HIV infection/replication is illustrated. It is convenient to watch this video from, but it's original source is here: The file...
View Resource HIV Resistance

This 3D animation explains in detail how and why HIVs develop drug resistance in a short period of time.
View Resource NOVA scienceNOW - RNAi (RNA interference)

This video explains DNA transcription, translation, and RNAi inhibition in a very interesting animation/analogy, which should be especially helpful for non biology majors. The application of RNAi in disease treatment (although the treatment seems to be in experimental stage) and the usage of RNAi in gene function identification are explained. The RNAi mechanism is explained in two ways...
View Resource Retroviruses and viral diversity

This interactive slide show includes a brief discussion of what makes a virus a retrovirus, and how they differ from other types of viruses.
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