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View Resource A Patient, a Pioneer: Cancer

In this video, after surgeries and chemotherapies failed, the last hope for Sam Spero, a cancer patient, is an experimental drug with high promise. The first in a series.
View Resource A Revolution In Progress: Human Genetics and Medical Research

This online exhibit under Office of NIH History asks three major questions: (1) How do genes cause disease? (2) Can gene therapy work? (3) How do we manipulate genes and should we? It introduces topics such as genetic basics, diagnosing and treating genetic diseases, gene therapy, the human genome project, and Ethics issues. Abundant images and glossary links used in this exhibit might be...
View Resource Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer

Three lecture type videos introduce cancer. The first lecture presents characteristics of cancer cells, and the influence of cell adhesion on control of cell growth. The second lecture introduces the focal adhesion protein, zyxin and Ewing sarcoma (tumor of bone). The third one presents cellular response to mechanical stresses and introduces the role of zyxin and VASP under mechanical stress.
View Resource African Dust, Coral Reefs and Human Health

This documentary presents how recent changes in the composition and quantities of African dust transported to the Caribbean and the Americas might provide clues to why Caribbean coral reef ecosystems are deteriorating and human health may be impacted.
View Resource Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit

Beyond Discovery?: The Path from Research to Human Benefit is a series of articles that trace the origins of important recent technological and medical advances. Each story reveals the crucial role played by basic science, the applications of which could not have been anticipated at the time the original research was conducted (description from the website). Keywords in the articles a...
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