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View Resource Cell Division and the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Teachable Tidbit: Mitosis and Meiosis

This activity is designed to help students with the concepts of mitosis and meiosis. Specifically, the activity is designed to help students learn the different recognized stages of mitosis, differentiate homologous and nonhomologous chromosomes and recognize sister chromatids (duplicated chromosomes). In addition, students complete an activity in which they simulate/model the process of meiosis,...

View Resource Compare and Contrast Meiosis and Mitosis

Biology students compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis using a Venn Diagram.
View Resource Control of the Cell Cycle Game

In this game you are to take on the job as a Cell Division Supervisor. Are you familiar with the different phases in the cell cycle? If not, maybe you should pay extra attention to the image of the cell cycle in the introduction. (Description from thew website) This is an interesting game designed to help students learn the cell cycle regulation. You will play as a "cell division supervisor"...
View Resource Khan Academy - Cell division

This resource provides a "skill check" with questions for students to gauge their general understanding of cell division. Also contained are four content modules on the following: Introduction to Cell Division The cell cycle and mitosis (includes Questions on Mitosis) Meiosis Cell cycle regulation, cancer, and stem cells. Content modules include videos, articles, figures, and...
View Resource Mitosis Concept Map

This mitosis concept map is in depth and includes the different phases as well as other vocabulary. Students could be asked to create a concept map for this topic (or any topic) in order to connect the different concepts and ideas. The concept map provided on this link could help the instructor guide the students during the activity.
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