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View Resource A Practical Guide to Mycorrhiza

Created by Dr. Ted St. John, this Web site contains a detailed guide to mycorrhiza, the group of fungi that live in association with plant roots. Simply presented and easy to use, this online guide offers users loads of mycorrhiza-related information, including Ted's Chunky Style Myco-bits, a section that describes the types of mycorrhiza, the benefits of mycorrizal inoculation, details on soil...
View Resource Attack of the Killer Fungus!

The US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service presents a Sci4Kids article about mushroom farms, killer green mold, and a case of mistaken (taxonomic) identity. Written for younger kids, this short, colorful article includes pronunciation help, Web links, and a brief explanation of the difference between mushrooms and molds. While no lesson plans are provided, the story could...
View Resource Brainwashed by a Parasite

This blog describes a parasitic relationship between fungi and various insects, specifically the ant. It also contains YouTube videos and blog responses to the subject at hand.
View Resource Eukaryota: Systematics

This website is a systematic overview of Eukaryota, including chromista, testaceafilosea, radiolaria, alveolates, rhodophyta, slime molds, primitive flagellates, amoebae & parasite taxa, green algae, choanoflgellata, fungi, plantae, and animalia. By clicking the boxes containing a picture of each category, readers can get more in-depth information about that category. Most web pages contains...
View Resource Fun Facts About Fungi

This site from Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium is for learners of all ages. Dr. Robert Fogel (Professor of Biology/Curator of Fungi) and Patricia Rogers (Fungus Collection Coordinator and Editor of Fun Facts) have developed this resource to explain fungi and Mycology, the scientific study of fungi. Each Fun Fact is written in a clear, approachable manner and examines such topics...
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