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View Resource Angiogenesis: Cancer

This animation illustrates how a cancer tumor forms in a bed of healthy cells. The animation goes on to show how the tumor recruits blood vessels and how metastasis occurs. A tumor consists of cells that are dividing at an abnormally high rate, crowding surrounding healthy cells and competing for resources. Tumor growth typically proceeds in 3 dimensions, pushing out from the surrounding...
View Resource Cultured Human Embryonic Stem Cells

This short video clip illustrates how cell cultures derived from human embryonic stem cells can reproduce indefinitely and also differentiate into specialized cell types, including beating heart cells.
View Resource Khan Academy - Cell division

This resource provides a "skill check" with questions for students to gauge their general understanding of cell division. Also contained are four content modules on the following: Introduction to Cell Division The cell cycle and mitosis (includes Questions on Mitosis) Meiosis Cell cycle regulation, cancer, and stem cells. Content modules include videos, articles, figures, and...