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Science and technological challenges in society

View Resource Antibiotic Resistance Teachable Tidbit…an Evolutionary Perspective

This activity utilizes the emergence of antibiotic resistance, and mechanisms thereof, to teach essential concepts including natural selection, bacterial gene transfer, mutation, and gene expression. It also provides a connection between course content and modern applications of important concepts. The activity (app. 25 minutes) is intended for introductory students in biology. It is flexible and...

View Resource Becoming Han Solo

In this short video in Brooklyn, New York, a nearly paralyzed boy, who cannot talk, uses an iPad to tell his mother what he wants to be for Halloween.
View Resource Biodiversity: Should it matter to me?

This lesson plan is designed to help students use what they know about speciation, extinction, and biodiversity to invesitgate how human activity affects biodiversity and possible solutions for sustaining biodiversity. Before starting the lesson, students read the interview "Speciation and Biodiversity (Feb. 2002) with E.O Wilson. The...
View Resource DNA Interactive: Applications

With this interactive resource, students can learn about the practical applications of what has been learned about genes. The applications include investigations in forensics, health care, and evolution.
View Resource DNA Interactive: Chronicle

Some people worry that the advances in genetics might be misused. This resources has text, photos, and video interviews to discuss how eugenics was used to persecute people in the past.
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