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View Resource Dogs Keep Their Genes on a Short Leash

Great Danes stretch more than a meter from paw to shoulder and can easily weigh more than 90 kilograms. A Chihuahua fits snugly inside a purse. Domestic dog breeds are more varied in body size and shape -- not to mention coat color and fur length -- than any other land-based mammal. Yet, according to a new study, a mere two to six regions in doggy DNA account for most of this diversity.
View Resource Green Sea Slug is Part Animal, Part Plant

This article describes the first truly photosynthetic animal reported; the Green Sea Slug. Cells in its digestive tract hijacks chloroplasts from algae it feeds on, preserve functionality of these chloroplasts in slug cells, and produce food by photosynthesis. Moreover, some genes important for maintaining photosynthetic function of these hijacked chloroplasts are believed to have transferred...
View Resource Hatching of a Mojave Desert Tortoise

This four minute short movie depicts the hatching of a Mojave Desert Tortoise. This is the continuation of a sixty million year process for this threatened species. One of the surprising moments in the movie is when the hatchling tumbles from its shell and is propped up by its yolk. This is an evolutionary adaptation where the young absorb the yolk over several hours and they then use that...
View Resource Malagasy Spiders Spin the World's Toughest Biological Material

Like an engineer accounting for a skyscraper swaying in the wind, Madagascar's Darwin's bark spider (Caerostris darwini) spins enormous, river-spanning webs that stretch and contract as the trees to which they're anchored bend this way and that. A new study finds that this spider's silk is the toughest biomaterial yet discovered.
View Resource NBC Learn Higher Ed

This website offers thousands of authentic NBC News videos, historic newsreels, primary source documents, photographs and more, useful for instructors, researchers and students. The content is categorized in to 40 subject areas including biology, chemistry, education, current events, finance, earth science, physics, ethics, math & statistics etc. Very engaging content and easy navigation. The...
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