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View Resource "Activities for Understanding Gene Regulation"

This resource is a collection of lesson plans for activities that promote student engagement with the concept of gene regulation, particularly in prokaryotes. A total of 4 active learning activities are described in detail, including "Lactose Operon Role Play," "Cell Growth in the Presence of Two Sugar Sources," "Design a Repressor System," and Alterations of Operon Function through Mutation."...
View Resource Bioinformatics: HIV Problem Space, an Integration of Virology and Popluation Genetics

This problem space gives students opportunity to practice thinking as scientists. Higher-level cognitive skills such as analysis, synthesis, and application are emphasized in this activity. Raw data, analysis tools (Biology Workbench), and guidelines are provided. For senior and graduate level courses, students can be encouraged to complete the problem space either in individuals or in groups....
View Resource Gut Microbiome Writing Assignment

This is a writing assignment designed to help students learn how to read scientific literature and practice utilizing the scientific method using the data found in the paper. Students are asked to read a scientific publication (primary source) while following along with the accompanying handout. The handout provides prompts to help students understand more about what they are reading, what a...
View Resource HIV Replication 3D Animation

This 3D animation shows how HIV infects cells, and how HIVs replicate themselves using infected cells' materials. At the end of the video, possible ways to inhibit HIV infection/replication is illustrated. It is convenient to watch this video from, but it's original source is here: The file...
View Resource HIV Resistance

This 3D animation explains in detail how and why HIVs develop drug resistance in a short period of time.
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