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Environmental sciences

View Resource A Fight for a Mountaintop

This video illustrates that as mountaintop removal mining has become increasingly controversial across Appalachia, the debate over the fate of Coal River Mountain has become something of a symbolic line in the sand.
View Resource A Simple Solution for Clean Water

In this video, Donald G. McNeil Jr. demonstrates how a new personal water filter, worn around the neck, could help ensure people around the world have clean water to drink.
View Resource America's Disappearing Forests

This video illustrates how the mountain pine beetle, an insect pest, is destroying massive swaths of American lodgepole pine.
View Resource An Eco-Chat With Ed Begley Jr.

Times environment reporter Andrew C. Revkin talks with actor Ed Begley Jr. about living green.
View Resource An Eventual Switch to All LED

In this video, Ted Van Hyning, director of Event Technology at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, represents one of many businesses that are beginning to switch to LED lighting in their establishments.
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