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View Resource NZFUNGI: New Zealand Fungi

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research -- "New Zealand's foremost environmental research organization" -- presents NZFUNGI, a free database for information on the systematics, conservation, pathology, and ecology of New Zealand's fungi. Integrating a number of pre-existing Landcare Research databases, NZFUNGI contains botanical, bibliographic, and curatorial information for thousands of New Zealand...
View Resource The Bruns Lab

The homepage of the Bruns Lab at the University of California-Berkeley Department of Plant and Microbial Biology provides an excellent collection of online resources for mycologists. Offering much more than the usual faculty directory and research overview, this well-maintained Web site doubles as a gateway to mycology on the Web. Features include various primer maps, sequence alignment files,...
View Resource The Famine Fighter's Last Battle

An audio slideshow chronicles Norman Borlaug's lifelong efforts to defeat a plant pathogen called stem rust. This fungus threatens wheat production, especially in the developing world. Narrated by Science reporter Erik Stokstad, the slideshow features interviews with Borlaug and other scientists about a new race of fungus and research to create resistant varieties of wheat.
View Resource The Fungi of California

This site was developed by two individuals with a strong interest in fungi and is intended to augment published field guides with numerous color photos of each species and frequent updates to taxonomy and nomenclature. The site includes only species that are found in California; however, many of these species may be found in other parts of North America. The site's current 357 species are easy to...
View Resource Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for October 2002

Biologist Tom Volk of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers his ghostly fungus of the month in this Web site, just in time for Halloween. Dr. Volk covers just about everything there is to know about Monotropa uniflora (not actually a fungus but a fungus-like member of the blueberry family) and closely related plants. The site includes photos and an audio pronunciation guide. Visitors may...
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