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View Resource BioRap (DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis with a beat)

This video is of a rap on DNA replication and protein synthesis.
View Resource CaseIt: a Lab Simulation Software on DNA or protein sequence

Case It v5.03 is a computer simulation that will perform common laboratory procedures on any DNA or protein sequence, including PCR, ELISA, DNA gel electrophoresis, western blot, Southern blot and so on. By using the computer simulation together with designed cases (such as infectious diseases, inherited diseases or crime scenes), students will have the opportunities to propose questions,...
View Resource Cell Components Worksheet

Modified from a worksheet originally created by Dr. Biao Ding, this worksheet can be passed out to students to use as a review of chemistry, macromolecules, and components of the cell. The key to the worksheet and all references for the figures are included in the file.
View Resource Malaria Case Study

Click the link and you will get a PowerPoint file. This powerpoint can be quite helpful for instructors who want to link malaria to bioinformatics. Students might find it helpful too because of the step-by-step illustration of bioinformatics tools. Starting with a Malaria case study, the powerpoint introduces (1) Etiology and Epidemiology of Malaria, (2) Online Resources on Malaria, (3)...
View Resource Modeling the Level of Protein Structure Using Twizzlers

This is a website that describes an in-class, hands-on activity to model the different levels of protein structure (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary) using Twizzlers candy.
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